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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Each of our presentations may include 2 to 3 educational animals which could include a groundhog, striped skunk, red eared slider and a painted turtle, unless it is located at a venue where animals are not permitted. Our educational presentations are 1 hour in length and include a question answer period. 

There are several presentations to choose from all of which are designed to give the audience a better understanding and appreciation for our native wildlife and conservation of their habitats. 

Some of the groups that HWR has presented to include Day cares, campgrounds, conservation areas, libraries, local fairs, Guides and Scouts, Rotary meetings and special community events. 

Educational Presentations Available:

Environmental Awareness

Focuses on ecological issues and how each student can make a difference.

Animal Adaptations

An adaptation is a special characteristic an animal has to help it to survive. Students will compare and contrast animals to see the adaptations they have for their different habitats.

Food webs

Students will explore the dynamics of “the circle of life.” It is important to understand that in the natural world living things interact to maintain a properly balanced ecosystem.

Ecosystems and Habitats

An ecosystem contains many habitats! Exploring ecosystems and habitats of different species.


Preservation, protection, or restoration of the environment, ecosystems, vegetation, and wildlife.

Groundhog Day Prediction & Presentation

This is a special event that we offer once per year on Groundhog Day Feb 2nd. Schools can apply to have Oil Springs Ollie come to their school to make his prediction on Groundhog Day and we will do a special ½ hr Groundhog Presentation. This is an exciting event! There is no charge for this event however schools are encouraged to organize a fundraiser such as toonies for wildlife or collect items from our HWR needs list during the month of January to present to Oil Springs Ollie on Groundhog Day.

Heaven’s Wildlife Rescue – Who We Are & What We Do

From the beginning until now and a peek into the future of HWR. This presentation will also give you a look into a day in the life of HWR volunteers and our patients that we treat. We will keep you entertained and will leave you with a greater understanding of the importance of wildlife rehabilitation today. 

The Benefits of Wildlife

This presentation introduces you to a variety of wildlife species and informs you of their benefits to our environment, interesting facts and also dispels some myths about these species. We also talk about species at risk in our area and environmental and human threats to these species. A real eye opener and interesting presentation for all ages! 

Preventing Urban Wildlife Conflicts

This presentation will help every home owner prevent urban wildlife conflicts around their home. We will give you resolutions to many of your problems and teach you how to live in harmony with our wildlife friends

Nocturnal Wildlife – What happens in your back yard while you are sleeping? 

This presentation introduces a variety of nocturnal animals and their habits and habitats. Interesting and engaging experience for primary school children ages 5-10. 

The cost for our educational presentations are as follows: 

(within a 1 hour drive from our centre in Oil Springs)

  • 1hr presentation with our educational animals $150
  • 2hr presentations with our educational animals $200
  • 1hr presentation without our educational animals $100
  • 2hr presentations without our educational animals $150

The cost of our educational programs include the 30 to 60 minutes to load up our educational animals, the set up time, the time it takes to drive to your location, the 1 or 2 hour presentation (which ever you have chosen) the tear down, load up, drive back to the centre and time to unload and put everything and everyone away.

The proceeds from our educational programs go directly to feeding, caring for and housing our educational animals as well as our wildlife patients being rehabilitated. Each of our educational animals were all deemed non releaseable for various reasons. When a wild animal is non releaseable the law states that they legally have to be humanely euthanized or we can apply for educational permits for these animals. Our permanent residents are provided with all the medical care and natural foods they need in order to be healthy and happy for the rest of their lives.   

Educational programs are mainly available September through March. Some special events can be booked from April though August email to discuss dates/times and event details.

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