Wildlife Rehabilitation Onsite Volunteers

We are accepting onsite volunteer applications for April 15th – August 30th!

Wildlife Rehabilitation Onsite Volunteers:   1 to 6 month volunteer positions  with free on-site accommodations.
Location:   Oil Springs, Ontario
Application deadline:   March 15th.
Applications may be accepted later if there are still openings.

Heaven's Wildlife Rescue is located in a small village in southern Ontario. There is no access to public transportation.

 Onsite Volunteer Duration:
All volunteer positions are voluntary and full time. Position duration varies from a minimum of 1 month up to maximum of 6months, 5 to 6 days per week, 40-50 hours per week, (usually 10 hr days,  Schedule is usually a split shift. (depending on the needs of the wildlife patients)

Animal Care Onsite Volunteers:
Our volunteers learn a variety of wildlife rehabilitation skills and techniques. Responsibilities will include but not limited to: patient admissions, assisting with species examinations, species specific diet preparations, feeding orphaned babies, indoor cage and outdoor enclosure cleaning, medication administration, wound management, assisting with turtle egg harvesting and incubating. (depending on admissions) grounds maintenance such as grass cutting, weed wiping, painting, cleaning, dishes, laundry (wild babies make us a lot of laundry :-) )

* At least 18 years of age
* Commitment to the length of the onsite volunteer position and must be dedicated and reliable.
* Must be able to work in a fast paced environment
* Must commit to work hours according to the needs of our wildlife patients.
* Must have or be willing to get rabies vaccinations and a titre prior to volunteer start. (this process takes 3-7 weeks depending on vaccine availability and titre results time. Most health care  plans cover the costs of the pre exposure rabies vaccines.

P.O. BOX 119

519-466-6636 [email protected]

To Apply: 

1. Fill out contact information below 
2. Send resume with cover letter to [email protected]

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